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The ControlBright user portal provides full control of LED fixtures connected to the ControlBright Light Engine. Set colors, scenes, brightness levels, and even create multiple schedules using the intuitive web-based interface. Management of multiple locations is a breeze, all ControlBright Light Engines are aggregated under a single account, maintaining consistency across geographically disparate locations.

Controlbright System
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ControlBright is the premier solution for controlling a wide range of RGB/RGBW LED products. Looking to install some accent lighting around your front counter? The ControlBright Light Engine works with most 12v/24v strip lighting to create vivid, eye catching displays, all managed through the ControlBright cloud platform.  Supporting up to 4 universes totaling 2048 DMX channels, the ControlBright Light Engine can interface with any DMX-enabled light fixture for use on buildings, bridges, municipal parks, or any other facility where architectural lighting is specified.


Easy to use. ControlBright was built from the ground up to be easy to install and easy to use. Simply connect your 12v/24v LED fixture or DMX LED fixture to the ControlBright Light Engine along with power/network connectivity, and you’re done! The ControlBright Light Engine will automatically connect and register itself to the portal, no special firewall rules or static IP’s required.

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