where light meets the cloud.

create brilliant colors and scenes across multiple sites with ControlBright!


Finally, an IoT platform that makes RDM data useful.

system features.

Cloud Control

Centralized management of colors, brightness, and scenes through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface.


Assign colors, brightness, and scenes at different times of the day, ensuring consistency and saving time.

User Profiles

Provide customized user preferences and security privileges based on roles (managers, employees, etc).

Robust Settings

Control one, some, or all LED fixtures with the click of a button. With over 16 million colors to choose from, each fixture can be customized.


additional information.

As RGB and RGBW LED’s become increasingly more popular, it is critical for lighting controls to be robust, intuitive, and remotely configurable. Enter ControlBright, the industry’s easiest to use cloud-enabled lighting control platform. With ControlBright, it is now possible to manage LED’s spanning multiple locations through a single, unified interface. This technology has historically been extremely expensive, proprietary, and difficult to manage for smaller installations. ControlBright has taken this seemingly complex technology and is now making it available for ALL installation sizes, from the single location restaurant to a retailer with thousands of locations.

The ControlBright platform supports 12v/24v LED strip lights as well as any DMX-enabled fixture, providing a complete cloud-controlled lighting solution that can handle just about ANY LED fixture from ANY manufacturer.