Remote Access Made Easy

Remote Access Features

Easy To Use

Only one VPN client config is needed, regardless of the number of sites. A VPN API is available to simultaneously connect to multiple sites.

Works With Any IP Device

Use with lighting controllers, building management systems, industrial controls, etc.

Supports AC/DC Input

Easily connect to 6v-24v AC or DC to power the Football. Additionally, a built-in relay is available to power cycle the attached IP device.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Connect to the internet using WIFI, Ethernet, or 4G LTE.

Centralized Portal

Manage modems, IP devices, and cellular connectivity through a web-based portal. User hierarchy enables multiple access levels.

White Label

White labeling is available for OEM's looking to offer a rebranded experience to their users.


Travel is a major expense for many companies employing field services technicians. Between flights, hotels, meals and car rentals, sending someone out to do a job is incredibly costly. ControlBright’s Remote Access solution enables organizations to virtually eliminate truck rolls and allow technicians to manage devices remotely.

The platform is compatible with most IP-based devices and controllers. Whether you’re a lighting OEM, industrial controls rep agency, or multi-national corporation, the ControlBright approach is flexible enough to work in most installation environments throughout the world.

Using a cellular modem (called a Football) and our unique cloud-based portal, technicians can manage multiple sites using a single VPN client config. For IoT applications, organizations can leverage our VPN API to push/pull information from hundreds or thousands of devices in the field, simultaneously.

The ControlBright 4G Modem (called a Football) is the hardware that sits at the remote end, connected to an IP-based device. Roughly the size of a deck of cards, it can easily fit into most enclosures with ease.
The ControlBright portal is used to manage cellular connectivity, Football’s, and remote IP devices. Additional functionality includes:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between ControlBright and other remote access solutions?
The biggest difference between ControlBright and other solutions is our unique VPN infrastructure. You do NOT need to worry about overlapping subnets, in fact every one of your controllers can use the SAME IP! This reduces deployment complexity significantly. Additionally, only a single user VPN is required to connect to any site under your account.
How do you handle tech support?
We offer free, US-based technical support for our hardware and portal. If there are installation or implementation questions outside our purview, we will provide a best effort response. Sometimes it just helps to bounce ideas off of someone else!
Do you work with "X" or "Y" controller?

The answer is usually YES, we work with just about any IP-based controller or device.

Do you offer user access controls?
We have a fairly sophisticated ACL system in place that allows users to provide various levels of access to remote sites. For example, OEM’s can setup sub-organizations so their agents/customers can ONLY access their devices. However, because the OEM is at a higher level, they STILL have access to those devices.
What is the warranty on your hardware?
We offer a perpetual warranty on any device under contract. If it should fail in the field, we will either repair or replace it, free of charge.