Cloud managed ambiance is here. The ControlBright portal is the heart of it all, featuring an intuitive web-based interface for managing all aspects of LED lighting, from brightness, to colors, to scenes. Effortlessly setup lighting schedules to coincide with food specials, new product launches, or special causes!

Restaurants can show support for game day by assigning team colors to LED lights! Have multiple locations spanning different states? Increase customer engagement even further by assigning different colors based on your particular locale’s team colors! Share your lighting designs on Facebook and Instagram for even more awareness.

Multi-Location management made simple. Multi-location consistency is easily achieved through the ControlBright portal, whether it’s a 3-location restaurant or a 3,000-location retail store. Over 16 million different colors and brightness levels can be assigned to one, some, or ALL locations with the click of a button.


Birds eye view of deployments. Quickly and easily view physical geographic locations of lighting installments, including the number of ControlBright Light Engines at each location.

Manage each light engine by clicking the serial number to drill down into the management page.