With more and more hotels being built around the world, it’s more important than ever to stand out in a meaningful way for customers. The first TWO impressions a customer has with hotels and resorts are the outside and the front desk/lobby area. Wall washers and downlights can be used outside to create everything from simple, single color lighting scenes to a more complex, multi-colored environment. Inside, lighting can be used to accent centerpieces, breakfast areas, front desks, and meeting/conference rooms. For example, many hotels host conferences and seminars for a wide array of businesses. Show support and create additional customer stickiness by offering customized lighting for those special events.

Easy and inexpensive to install and maintain. Whether you manage one or many different properties, ControlBright is incredibly easy to retrofit into existing environments. Simply connect your fixture of choice (strip, wall washer, puck, downlight, etc) to the ControlBright light engine, connect to the internet, and start controlling!

Cities are constantly looking at ways of leveraging parks, landmarks, monuments, etc. to generate additional tax revenue through tourism and attract permanent residents. The ControlBright technology can transform those attractions into stunning environments that will drive significant engagement and, more importantly, revenue for cities.

Wirelessly link outdoor fixtures Our wireless technology allows outdoor fixtures to be installed on existing light poles, eliminating the need for running additional control cabling.



As retailers face increasing pressure from online shopping, it’s critical to provide a unique customer experience that customers cannot get elsewhere. By deploying the ControlBright platform, it’s now possible to easily retrofit RGBW LED lighting into clothing displays, shelving, under counters, and even in refrigerators/freezers. Easily leverage over 16 million different colors to enhance produce (such as fruits and vegetables), showcase new products, and ultimately increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Use LED lighting as an additional marketing channel. Participation marketing is a strategy that encourages customers to participate in the evolution of the brand. By using this same approach with lighting, brands can now connect with customers by generating awareness of shared causes, charities, and product offerings using colored LED’s.

Restaurants, especially in dense urban areas, continue to fight for market share as new spots continue opening. Set your restaurant apart by deploying the ControlBright RGBW LED solution. Create an entirely new customer experience by lighting up your waiting area, under your bar counters, and even under your alcohol bottles. Easy to install, the ControlBright system can be installed in a matter of a few hours, transforming a dull, dark environment to a vibrant, eye-catching experience.

Ambiance can be just as important as service and food quality. With ControlBright, you can now instantly adjust the mood, decor and look of a restaurant with the touch of a button. Looking to connect with customers on game day? Assign your favorite team colors to the ControlBright platform to show your support. Thinking of creating a St. Patrick’s day special? Turn all your LED lighting green to enhance your food and drink specials.