Finally, an IoT platform that makes RDM data useful..


CloudRDM, included in every ControlBright Light Engine, transforms lighting installations into data gatherers, providing the user with valuable metrics including fixture temperatures, power supply temperatures, and power usage. Setup email notifications to alert users when fixtures are running too hot, or if power usage is out of spec. How does it work?

Controlbright System
The Cloud
Unit 1
Unit 2
Fixture Temperature
Location 1
Power Supply Temperature
Location 2
Users logging into the ControlBright Cloud Portal are able to view RDM-based sensor data from RDM-enabled light fixtures.
Sensor information is aggregated across sites, allowing the user to setup groups based on device, fixture groups, or even fixtures themselves.
Powerful notification engine allows users to set alert thresholds based on device, fixture groups, or individual fixtures. Receive instant notifications if a fixture is not performing within spec so it can be replaced BEFORE it fails.

ControlBright is the premier solution for controlling a wide range of RGB/RGBW LED products. Looking to install some accent lighting around your front counter? The ControlBright Light Engine works with most DMX lighting to create vivid, eye catching displays that can easily by managed through the ControlBright cloud platform.

Easy to use. ControlBright was built from the ground up to be easy to install and easy to use. Simply connect your DMX fixture to the ControlBright Light Engine along with power/network connectivity, and you’re done! The ControlBright Light Engine will automatically connect and register itself to the portal, no special firewall rules or static IP’s required.

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